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Fishing in Bulgaria

Fishing in Bulgaria

Fishing is a very popular sport and pass-time for many Bulgarians. With its numerous rivers, natural and man made lakes the country offers variety of sea and fresh water fishing. Very popular are the large man made lakes during 1950 – 70 that provide water for agricultural land in low lands. There one can expect to catch carp, trout, pike and many other varieties.

Black sea coast also provides good fishing. There one can enjoy rod fishing from the pier or deep water fishing from small fishing boat. The best session for sea fishing is from September to November.

A fishing permit  is required in order to fish in the lakes, dams and rivers of Bulgaria; sea fishing does not require a permit. There are a number of fishing permits available to amateur fishermen in Bulgaria:

  • Annual permit
  • Six month permit
  • Monthly permit
  • Weekly permit
  • A permit for disabled anglers - the permit is free of charge
  • A permit for for women over 60 and men over 65 years old - 50 percent reduction on fee
  • A permit for children under 14 - free of charge

Species to Fish in Bulgaria

Some of the most popular species to catch in Bulgaria are:

  • Freshwater: common carp, grass carp, trout, pike-perch, pike, channel catfish, blue catfish, carp bream, European perch, roach, chub and barbel
  • Sea water (includes): mackerel, horse mackerel, Pontic shad, garfish, turbot, scad, bluefish, corb, mullet, gobies, whiting, hake, cod

Fishing Seasons

In Bulgaria most species of fish spawn in spring and fishing is generally prohibited from mid April until mid June. There are some species that spawn in winter, such as trout, and the fishing season for these is quite different.

However, angling in certain lakes and small dams is allowed throughout the year in the so-called sports fishing.

Fishing Seasons in Bulgaria

Autumn – During the autumn season most fish take the bait actively and then as they are getting ready for the

cold winter months, they go down to the deeper waters because of the higher temperatures found there.

Winter - Carp tend to become lethargic and can be hard to tempt to take bait. The predatory fish (pike, perch,

zander and trout) are active during the entire winter season. Fishing sometimes has to be performed on ice. Also

active during the winter months are the dace and rudd.

Spring – With the warming of the weather the fish, which have not been that lively during winter, start getting

active and move to shallow waters which have flooded the coasts and the out falls of the rivers, searching for

food. During the warmer days the fish are more active. The predatory fish also come close to the shores and are

particularly active…

Summer- When the temperature reaches the maximum for Bulgaria, fish are most active in the mornings,

evenings and during the nights. During the heat of the day the fishing can be slow.

During autumn and spring, fine mornings usually bring frosts that plummet to -3c so good woolen clothing is

necessary. Rain and wind can be expected at any time of the year.

During the winter from December to the end February everything is covered with snow and the temperatures

are around -7 to -8 C.

Summer: Daylight is from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. and temperature starts in the morning at approx. 12 – 18c and rises

to 30-35c.

Autumn and Spring: Daylight 6 am - 7 pm and temperature starts in the morning at approx. 5a.m. - 8c, day

time rises to 10c-20c.

Winter: Daylight is from 7 am - 6 pm and temperature starts in the morning at -10c to 0c, day 0 to -10c.

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